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World Ventilation Day

Posted by Katie Neville
in News
on 10th November 2022

Tuesday 8th November marked the first ever World Ventilation Day and it is only right that we join in with highlighting the importance of ventilation.

Chapman Ventilation are one of the UK’s leading HVAC contractors and we are well aware that good health and wellbeing are enabled by good ventilation and clean air. We also know that good ventilation can help you perform better and reduce exposure to indoor pollutants.

When working with our clients designing mechanical ventilation solutions, we ensure that we install effective kitchen ventilation systems, in order to maintain the best indoor air quality. We remove cooking fumes at source, to ensure optimum performance of our extract systems, which are designed in accordance with DW172. It is also key when designing systems to provide a minimum number of air changes, both in the kitchen and in customer areas, so that replacement fresh air is provided in the form of make-up air.

We are proud to have partnered with leading manufacturers in the market, to offer the best products and ventilation solutions possible when providing mechanical ventilation to our clients.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how we can help improve your HVAC and filtration to ensure you have the best ventilation possible in your hospitality site.

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