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Our range of commercial kitchen canopies are designed to your specific requirements and manufactured here in the UK. With lead times from 48 hours, we offer the best solution on the market.

Why Chapman Ventilation Canopies?

The job of any good canopy is to ensure the effective removal of contaminated cooking effluent from the kitchen environment.

Traditional exhaust only canopies require a massive exhaust volume in order to function adequately, thereby increasing the amount of makeup air required and upping your energy bills. Here at Chapman Ventilation, taking care of environments both inside and out is our main priority. That is why we have developed our state-of-the-art Canopy Containment Air (CCA) technology. Removing air from the workplace means we have to replace it. Nobody likes to work in an uncomfortably hot and humid environment, and studies have shown that prolonged exposure to heat can result in increased accident rates and detrimental effects on personal performance.

To ensure that your workplace remains healthy and productive, Chapman Ventilation’s canopies are equipped with a perforated front plate to deliver a constant supply of clean and cool air directly into the kitchen. Low energy LED lights, a choice of primary grease filters and balancing dampers help to provide an elegant, robust and efficient range of canopies.

VDI and UL approved.

Canopy Containment Air (CCA)

Designed specifically to prevent the spread of fumes and heat within the workplace, our CCA technology ensures that Chapman Ventilation canopies are efficient, sustainable and always cost effective. It works by emitting a low volume / medium velocity accurately directed air volume from the leading face of the hood towards the exhaust filters creating a moderate negative effect along the front lower edge of the canopy.

This design has two benefits. Firstly, it creates a retaining barrier and contains any spillage. Secondly, the negative pressure pulls the exhaust plume towards the filters making this the most effective solution on the market. By increasing the overall efficiency in such a way, we can help to reduce the volume of extract and make-up air required and lower your energy usage.

Grease Filtration

A canopy is nothing if it cannot provide outstanding filtration of grease and other particles. With efficiency levels of up to 92% on particles upwards of 7 microns, we offer one of the leading fractional primary filtration systems on the market. Depending on cooking application, we offer one of two primary filters. Our unique three-chamber NVX filter with three counter rotating vortices to remove high levels of grease and particulate before they reach the ductwork, or our NVB ‘baffle’ filter for low to medium levels of grease.

Supply Air and the Coandã Effect – an Integrated Approach to Replacement Air

There is nothing unique about providing replacement air – in fact it’s a necessity. However, we have developed an entirely new and efficient way of doing this. Unlike traditional systems, our canopies are designed to emit more replacement air nearer the top to take advantage of the Coandã effect: the tendency of a fluid jet to be attracted to a nearby surface. The design of the supply air grill means that we achieve stratification where the cool air can roll along the ceiling transporting fresh air a significant distance, increasing the effect and efficiency of the supply air and overall comfortability of the kitchen for the operator. Integrating supply and extraction systems in such a way gives you positive control of your ventilation system: no draughts, no high inlet velocities and no air inducted from ‘dirty’ areas. Not only does this help to create a productive work environment in itself, it ensures that your CCA canopy can run at its optimum efficiency.

LED Specification

Low energy LED lighting shall be inbuilt into the canopy as standard. The LED light fixture shall provide in excess of 500 lux directly to the work surface. The lamps have a nominal average lifetime of 62,000 hours and deliver a warm white light for accurate reflection of the food. A reflective lamp casing shall enhance efficiency and distribution of light. The light fitting is secured within a stainless steel hinged access hatch. This hatch opens to provide easy, safe and convenient maintenance access above the canopy. All edges shall be fully-gasketed and watertight.

All of our canopies can be fitted with a Demand Controlled Ventilation System to reduce energy usage. Click here to find out more

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