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Chapman Ventilation is committed to making a positive impact on the planet and we are taking the appropriate steps now to act in an environmentally responsible manner. 


Progress so far 

At the beginning of 2023 we began our journey to become a more sustainable business. We made the following changes to support our efforts to reduce our emissions: 

  • Installed solar panels on the roof of the building 
  • Purchased an electric forklift 
  • Moved some of our fleet to electric cars 
  • Added insulation into our staff diner and factory 
  • Joined local charity Isabel Hospice’s “Tonnes of Care” sustainability initiative: since May 2022 we have donated nearly 1.5 tonnes of unwanted items. Instead of the items going to landfill, they’ve been sold in the Isabel Hospice charity shops and the funds raised pay for nursing care. 

How we are helping our clients 

We have for many years been promoting energy efficient ventilation systems. These have included our own patented Demand Controlled Ventilation System (DCKV) as well as working with Caput Energy on wider energy reduction initiatives.  Both have helped many of our major clients reduce their carbon footprint and make huge savings on their energy bills. To add to this we have, since January 2023, been working with the Swedish cleantech company Enjay and installing their product into Burger King, Five Guys and Popeyes. The Enjay product “Lepido” was developed specifically for polluted airstreams. It recovers the energy in kitchen fumes during cooking and recycles it to heat the rest of the building. This technology helps our clients to reduce their carbon emissions as well as providing them with cost savings. 

Watch this video to find out how the Enjay heat exchanger recovers energy from polluted airstreams:  https://youtu.be/jRWxTHp6cLo?si=2pt4YbJfSI9U6-jl 

Enjay System

Next steps

From January 2024, the energy for our head office will be provided solely by solar, wind or hydro sources. This means our electricity usage will produce zero emissions.  

We are continuing to add further insulation throughout our head office. 

A heat recovery unit is going to be installed in our factory. The model we will install has 70% energy efficiency and will heat the incoming air from -5°C to 16°C. This will reduce our energy bills and carbon emissions. 

Chapman Ventilation are working with Planet Mark to receive their internationally recognised sustainability business certification. Upon data submission, Planet Mark will provide us with an annual report which breaks down our carbon footprint into all the different sources of emissions. Once we receive our annual report, we will have evidence of the positive impacts we have made and be able to understand what more we can do to further improve our carbon footprint. 

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