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Tier Changes Causing Food Waste

Posted by Emma Chapman
in News
on 21st December 2020

The last week has seen many areas across London and the South East moved from Tier 2 lockdown restrictions to Tier 3 (and now Tier 4). This has had huge implications across the hospitality sector. In Tier 2, restaurants and pubs are allowed to remain open to serve food and drinks, as long as alcohol is being consumed with a ‘substantial meal’. In contrast, in Tier 3 and 4, only those hospitality settings which offer takeaway services are allowed to remain in operation.

This move came with only a day’s notice, meaning restaurants were faced with the prospect of huge food waste after stocking up with supplies to manage the busy Christmas period. This could cause significant issues for all parts of the supply chain, not to mention waste on a massive scale. However, a number of restaurants have come up with alternative ways to use the surplus food and minimise waste.

Some restaurant owners are getting creative by pickling and preserving ingredients, as well as distributing fresh produce to furloughed staff. Further initiatives include online ordering systems and sharing of resources with those outlets able to offer takeaways. Enormous volumes of leftover stock are also set to be donated to food banks, providing vital resources for those most in need.

2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for the hospitality sector, and this sudden shift from Tier 2 to Tier 4 poses yet another threat to be navigated.


Story via The Evening Standard. Photo by Michael Browning via Unsplash.

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