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Sustainable Restaurant Association membership

Posted by Katie Neville
in News
on 15th December 2022

We are committed to manufacturing and sourcing the most innovative, efficient and environmentally friendly products on the market, tailoring them to meet your needs and working with you to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. We specialise in bespoke HVAC control systems and no-waste filtration, and have unrivalled experience installing in high-profile and environmentally sensitive environments.

Therefore, we are thrilled to once again become members of the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

The purpose of the SRA is to accelerate change toward an environmentally restorative and socially progressive hospitality sector. The SRA have brought together over 10,500 Foodservice Providers and over 70 Suppliers to help with their mission.

Watch this space for updates on how we plan to continue operating in the most optimum way possible for the environment.


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