Sector: Hospitality
Details: 4,000 square feet Mexican street food
Location: Islington, London

Wahaca is Masterchef winner Thomasina Miers and Mark Selby’s Mexican street food-inspired casual restaurant group. They currently operate thirteen sites, primarily across London as well as restaurants in Brighton, Cardiff and Edinburgh plus a mobile street food van. Wahaca serves vibrant and authentic Mexican food as part of a seasonal and constantly evolving menu. In May 2013, Wahaca opened its eighth restaurant: a 4,000 sq. ft. site in a prime and environmentally sensitive location on Islington Green, to which we supplied our proactive and intelligent Synergy Variable Air Volume control system.

"It's a pretty clever system, if I do say so myself. A combination of bespoke algorithms and intelligent monitoring technology mean that Wahaca Islington has saved in excess of £1600 in energy bills over a ten month period."

Neil Verner, R&D Director

Ultimate Control

Our controls system is based on the premise of varying the air volume through the extract, whilst retaining constant pressure: the most efficient system for use in a commercial kitchen environment. Its accuracy in detecting cooking, combined with our unique programmable logic controller and algorithms, enables restaurants to make significant savings on their energy bills. This is because it uses incremental set points to judge the level of extraction required, and has been proven to autonomously adapt to find the most efficient set points for a particular application. It can also distinguish between a drop in temperature caused by lack of cooking, as opposed to a drop in temperature caused by suddenly placing cooled food into a fryer, for example.

Easy To Use

The VAV system is controlled via a highly advanced and intuitive touch screen panel, in this case located downstairs in the manager’s office. Compact and lightweight, this touch screen panel can be positioned anywhere within the kitchen or back of house areas. It provides clear, understandable and simple access to a range of HVAC settings, kitchen settings and energy efficiency/consumption data, and is password protected to avoid unregulated or accidental use.

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