Gilbertson & Page

Sector: Industrial
Details: Manufacture, supply and installation of ductwork Ongoing maintenance and upgrade of ductwork systems
Location: Hertfordshire

Gilbertson & Page Ltd, a family company based in Hertfordshire, has been manufacturing dog food since 1873. They have established a reputation for producing quality dog foods that consistently offer tremendous value to dog owners.
Throughout the development & growth of the company over 140 years it has maintained the core principles of quality & value. Gilbertson & Page was awarded the Royal Warrant in 1884, an honour that has been held ever since. More recently the company received the accreditation of the international quality standard ISO9001:2000. Their production line utilises extensive large-scale equipment. This needs well designed, manufactured and installed mechanical services to ensure it runs as efficiently as it can.

Industrial Effort

Gilbertson & Page operate a large-scale food manufacturing site where much of the machinery is connected to various types and sizes of ductwork.  With our in-house design and manufacturing capability, we are able to offer fast turnarounds and cost-effective solutions across a wide range of industrial applications.

Long-term Support

We have provided support across the Gilbertson & Page site for many years.  With our dedicated 24/7 maintenance help desk we are able to react quickly when maintenance issues arise, providing a service that allows manufacturing down times to be kept to an absolute minimum. If you have an industrial premises that needs any kind of ventilation service, from design through to ongoing maintenance, then do get in touch and we will see how we can help you.

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