Sector: Hospitality
Details: All-day café chain
Location: 5 sites across the United Arab Emirates

Combining delicious, freshly prepared food with beautiful interiors, tashas is a chain of boutique lifestyle cafes. The group began in South Africa where they now operate 16 cafes across the country. Since then, they’ve expanded internationally, opening 5 sites in United Arab Emirates. We’ve worked with them on all the UAE sites and it’s been exciting to watch the tashas presence grow. All-day dining requires a reliable extract system that can cope with kitchen demand. Our UK and Dubai teams worked closely together to ensure every tashas café remains cool, clean and odour-free.


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"We've really enjoyed working with tashas as they continue their international expansion into UAE. Each location is uniquely special, they're a great addition to the UAE scene."

Kip Bell-Heather, Operations Manager - Middle East

Food and Interiors

Hailing from a family of food lovers and chefs, it’s hardly surprising that Natasha was destined to end up in the hospitality industry. She’s hugely passionate about interiors, believing that the environment is just as important as the food. As a result, tashas cafes are all uniquely beautiful. Each has a theme that reflects its surroundings and promotes a relaxed, all-day dining approach. The group work closely with a range of artists to ensure that a tashas interior is sophisticated yet homely.

Seamless Installation

We designed, manufactured and installed full kitchen extract systems for all tashas Dubai sites. As with all Chapman Ventilation projects, clear communication with the client is prioritised to ensure a seamless solution delivery. We use state-of-the-art laser cutting technology to cut metal parts that fit together with ultimate precision. These are then bent and welded into canopies. The entire process is carried out at our Welwyn Garden City head office and factory, before the finished products are exported to Dubai.



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