Sector: Hospitality
Details: 40 covers Fine Dining
Location: Tooley St., London

One of the most anticipated restaurant launches of the year, Tom Sellers’ first restaurant Story opened yesterday (16th April 2013) on the site of a former Bermondsey toilet block serving an ingredient-led menu with dashes of inspiration from Sellers’ time working with Rene Redzepi, Tom Aikens and Thomas Keller.

"Thanks guys, I must say you have done an excellent job with all the ventilation in @rest_Story"

Tom Sellers via Twitter

Upstairs, Downstairs

You’ll probably be quite glad to hear that the restaurant has been rebuilt from scratch over two levels: a basement containing the main kitchen, offices and back of house areas, and the upstairs restaurant with an exposed, glass-walled theatre kitchen. It’s a great looking site, clad in timber with vast glass walls and spectacular views of The Shard.

A Balanced System

Because the building is quite small, space is at a premium and all aspects of the installation have been tailored specifically to this site. Project manager Ian was responsible for ensuring that all component parts of this complex HVAC system balanced perfectly – that includes both cook lines, comfort cooling in the dining area and the high-performance filtration in the extract.

All in all, we installed 8.5 metres of Canopy Containment Air (CCA) canopies, two Ultra-Violet odour control units and two electrostatic precipitator systems – one for each floor. Combined, these systems ensure that all areas of the restaurant stay comfortable and fresh throughout the day, whilst eliminating all perceptible traces of odour and grease from the extract emissions.

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