Sector: Hospitality
Details: Large restaurant group
Location: UK portfolio

Some say that great friendships are formed over the love of food, and this is exactly what happened to Nando’s founders Robert Brozin and Fernando Duarte in South Africa in 1987. Little did they know that their passion for PERi-PERi flame-grilled chicken would lead them to become a worldwide phenomenon with over 1,000 restaurants, a festival van and PERi-PERi sauces on supermarket shelves.

"It’s great to have a strong working relationship with Nando’s and a good understanding of what the group actually wants. We have worked on so many exciting sites in the past and can’t wait to work on future projects too."

Jake Landers, Project Manager

Signature Cooking Style

Nando’s signature cooking style has made it one of the high-street’s most loved restaurant brands. But cooking such vast amounts of chicken at one time, which tends to generate splurges of smoke, can be tricky to ventilate. It’s the experience and knowledge of our Project Managers that enables us to deal with specific requirements and timescales. Our close relationship with the Nando’s team means that we are able to work together and continuously develop ideas and products to deal with specific needs.


For nearly ten years, we have worked closely with Nando’s to help roll out its brand across the UK. From small to large sites, we have designed, installed and commissioned a variety of HVAC systems in a number of its restaurants and have been faced with various difficulties such as noise level, confined space and strict landlord requirements along the way. With years of experience and a close working relationship with Nando’s, we know what works best in each of its restaurants to cope with its flame-grilled cooking style.

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