Sector: Quick Service restaurant
Details: Fried chicken
Location: Various UK locations

The business of fried chicken is big and diverse and the leading names to enter the UK market is a Filipino brand Jollibee. It was founded 1978 by Tony Tan Caktiong in the Philippines and after conquering it’s region, it has expanded to over 1,478 locations around the world.

Described by some as Western comfort food with a tropical twist, Jollibee has plans to expand to 10 new venues in the UK this year.

"“We know that the U.K. is a very competitive market and we also know the consumer has a real appetite for chicken""

Adam Parkinson, business head for Jollibee Europe, told Forbes

The Concept

Asia’s biggest homegrown fast food concept first set up shop in Earl’s Court, London, in 2018 and now boasts a further four dining spots – London’s Leicester Square, Liverpool, Leeds, Leicester and the soon to open Cardiff.

Whether you’re looking to take a bite of its secret recipe fried chicken and pineapple burger or sample the famed spaghetti with sweet tomato sauce and sliced hotdogs, it’s easy why Jollibee see fans lined up overnight to get a taste when it first arrived at Earl’s Court.

Our Involvement

We had no idea that there will be a 7-hour queue outside for their Leicester Square opening, but we were confident with the system we had designed and installed would be up for the job.

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