Flip Out

Sector: Indoor adventure centre
Details: Family fun activities
Location: Canary Wharf

Flip Out opened their first site, a trampoline park, in 2012, in Australia. Since then, the model has vastly expanded to become an exciting indoor activity centre. There are now 85 sites around the world, with 25 located in the UK.

Created to provide an activity centre that can be enjoyed by all the family, regardless of age or height, Flip Out is currently the industry leader for adventure and trampoline parks.

The adventure sites feature a huge variety of thrilling activities which include trampolines, ninja obstacle courses, bumper cars, laser quest, climbing walls and more. As well as providing all the fun, the centres also contain diner or café facilities to keep energy levels high and guests hydrated.


"It was exciting to work on this project and be part of the transformation of an old carpark into an indoor activity centre in Canary Wharf! The variety of products used in this unique site has made it one of my favourite projects to date. "

Jon Martin, Project Manager at Chapman Ventilation Ltd

Canary Wharf

Located in East London, Canary Wharf is a key player in London’s financial district as well as being a fantastic place for shopping, dining and social activities. Surprisingly, it is also home to the largest collection of outdoor art in London.

This thriving business district has attracted a number of high profile names in the hospitality sector to open, and competitive and experiential socialising are joining them now too.

Flip Out can be found in Cabot Square, a central location within Canary Wharf. The beautiful fountain and artwork displayed on the walls provide a focal point within the square that draws a high number of visitors.

Fun times!

Flip Out brings the fun to Canary Wharf, and we had a good time working on this project!

Whilst the central London location comes with a few challenges, it is nothing we haven’t seen before. Having previously worked on a number of sites in Canary Wharf, we were very experienced in how to manage the specific delivery times and routes available, which ensured we were able to complete this project on time.

We installed a range of air conditioning and extract systems throughout the building and carefully followed the brief to ensure that the equipment didn’t become a focal point. We installed a large condenser behind a blacked out mesh enclosure that the talented team in our factory created specifically to suit the Flip Out theme.

This was a brilliant project to be involved in as we really enjoyed working in an old carpark and getting creative with the funky Flip Out theme.

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