Dishoom, Canary Wharf

Sector: Irani cafes
Details: Bombay style cafe, bar and dining
Location: Canary Wharf, London

Cousins Shamil and Kavi Thakrar founded Dishoom and opened their first restaurant in Covent Garden in 2010. Fast forward thirteen years, and the successful group now have 9 restaurants around the UK.

Open morning to night, Dishoom customers can enjoy their famous bacon naan for breakfast or a wide selection of grilled dishes and curries from their all day menu.

Since Ramadan 2014, Dishoom have been supporting 2 charities; Magic Breakfast in the UK and The Akshaya Patra Foundation in India, by providing free meals to less fortunate school children. For every meal they serve in their restaurants, they donate a meal to hungry children. In January 2023, Dishoom reached the truly fantastic milestone of donating 15 million free meals to children in the UK and India!

Not only are Dishoom very generous, they are regularly featured in the list of “Best Hospitality Company to Work For”, and we applaud them for this.

"We worked closely with the architect to ensure we followed their ambitious design, as well as using the most effective equipment. Our creative skills were properly utilised and at the end of the project we were delighted to meet the brief."

Robyn Moody, Project Manager at Chapman Ventilation Ltd

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is in East London and forms part of London’s central business district.

Housed in the new Wood Wharf district of the area, Dishoom is located near other vibrant restaurants including Hawksmoor and Mallow, whilst also positioned in the middle of a residential zone.

Canary Wharf has recently been graced with the Elizabeth Line, making the area even more accessible than ever to visit.


From Bombay with love

Canary Wharf is a fantastic area for wining and dining, and is now also a premium place to live. This presented a few obstacles for our Project Managers, but it was nothing they couldn’t handle!

As Dishoom is located within a residential area, we were very conscious of noise levels, and dealing with smells was an immediate concern. However, we managed to successfully negotiate both of these challenges by the use of Halton UV canopies, Triple pass ESP’s and 4 stage filtration of G4 panel, bag filters, hepas and carbon filters.

The very high extract volume required for this site and the space available to us was difficult to manage. However, the team coordinated the services extremely well and the weekly site meetings we attended helped to solve any on site issues with minimal delay.

As ever, communication was key to the successful completion of this project.

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