Sector: Hospitality
Details: 3,430 sq. ft. Brazilian barbecue
Location: Central St. Giles, London

A Brazilian barbeque at heart, Cabana is the brainchild of Jamie Barber, the man behind Hush, Villandry and Kitchen Italia, and Momo co-founder David Ponte. Since launching at the Renzo Piano-designed Central St. Giles development in 2011, Cabana has gone on to open several high profile sites. The colourful Central St. Giles is a combination of office developments, residential areas and retail outlets, centred around an open public piazza.

"It’s nice not to have all our hard work covered up. All our ductwork and equipment is proudly on display."

Frankie Sharman, Project Manager

The Concept

Cabana occupies a 3,430 sq. ft. glass-fronted site, designed by architects Michaelis Boyd to give an urban and equally authentic Brazilian feel: seating upholstered with recycled denim, bespoke Cabana prints plastering the walls, and brightly-coloured kites fixed in mid-air. But the food is the real focal point here. Trained front-of-house staff, or ‘Cabanistas’, circle the room serving barbequed skewers fresh from the open grill, and carving them at the table in front of the diners.

Brand New Ideas

Developing a solution to suit a new concept is always challenging: as ideas and designs change, we have to be able to adapt our products to suit the requirements. Central St. Giles, however, was particularly so. Low-level extracts, a barbecue grill open to the restaurant, and a back-of-house cook line to balance with the system meant that this project required a whole host of specialist equipment and bespoke canopies – within a ten week timeframe. We installed Electrostatic Precipitators and Ultra-Violet filtration to eliminate all perceptible traces of grease, smoke and odour from the extract emissions before they are discharged through the louvers. But the piece de resistance, from our perspective, is the bespoke front-of-house canopy suspended from a seven metre high ceiling and exposed to the entire restaurant.

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