Sector: Hospitality
Details: 25,000 square feet Proper hamburgers
Location: The O2 Arena, London

Now with over fifty sites across the UK and fourteen outside London, it’s been a busy year for George Osborne’s favourite burger joint. Since 2007, Byron has been serving prime Scottish beef hamburgers to a discerning and loyal clientele, and has amassed considerable praise for its dedication to quality and service throughout its expansion.

We’ve worked on all manner of sites with Byron, from the glass-fronted Central St. Giles site (complete with a bespoke shipping container plant room) to the industrial Byron Islington, but the trickiest install to date has to be the O2 arena.

"This was one of the most challenging installations I have done for Byron, and it required constant attention and a lot of time spent on site. There was a new challenge almost every hour – a massive learning curve for me."

Cheryl Cope, Project Manager

The Challenge

Anyone that’s ever been to the O2 will know that it’s basically a giant tent, and anyone that works in HVAC will know that this raises all sorts of problems for air conditioning. Because it’s also one of the busiest indoor arenas in the UK with events running pretty much every evening, our programme for completing the work was extremely restricted.

Peaks and Lulls

As a site location, the O2 posed some interesting challenges. The likely fluctuation in demand associated with an event-based venue meant that a standard extract and control system would be inadequate for busy event nights but wasteful the rest of the time. We installed a bespoke double extract system with two interlinked control systems but managed with just one panel: system one is on constantly, whilst system two can be engaged manually during peak periods. A 9.1 metre canopy formed of three separate sections leads onto both a pre-existing O2 extract and a new Halton Pollustop extract system, with all extract ductwork fire rated for safety.

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