Sector: Hospitality
Details: UK portfolio traditional British food
Location: Putney, London

From a prospering greengrocer’s on the south coast, Bill’s has become one of the fastest growing restaurant concepts of 2015, with sixty-two sites across the country and several more scheduled to launch before the end of the year. Its quintessentially British menu is focussed on high-quality, seasonal ingredients, and it has received oodles of praise from the likes of The Observer and The Telegraph for its breakfast offering.

"I’ve been eating at Bill’s since I moved to Brighton in 2007, and in the best possible way, very little has changed. It still feels as authentic as it did back then, and miraculously they have managed to retain this feeling across the whole of their estate."

Jenny Handy, Marketing

Retro Fitting

We’ve been working with Bill’s for the past two years, helping to roll out its brand across the country with bespoke heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for each and every restaurant. The level of our involvement varies dramatically from site to site, depending on the standard of the existing HVAC equipment installed and the requirements of the EHO or landlord. Bill’s Holborn, for example, was simply a matter of relocating an existing canopy and installing a new fan on the roof.

Concept to Completion

Bill’s Putney, however, was an entirely different kettle of fish. Based on the site of a former Slug and Lettuce pub, this was a complete design and build HVAC project from start to finish. After an initial survey and thorough assessment of the restaurant’s cooking emissions, we designed, developed and installed an entirely new extract system running all the way from the second floor down to the basement. We installed a bespoke, high-efficiency CCA canopy in the kitchen designed to improve removal of airborne pollutants, convective heat and cooking emissions whilst significantly reducing extract rates. The biggest challenge with this project was ensuring that all services passing through the building to the basement do so without compromising the design or operation of the restaurant, whilst remaining sympathetic to the building’s existing structure.

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