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Not so Blue Monday!

Posted by Katie Neville
in Blog
on 17th January 2023

The third Monday in January each year is notoriously named “Blue Monday”. This is because it tends to be very cold, still a few weeks away from payday, and our well meaning New Year’s resolutions are long forgotten!

But, that wasn’t the case at our office on Monday 16th January as we introduced our team to the Donut Wall! We provided this sweet treat to help everyone through this gloomily named day and it proved a big success.

The delicious donuts were purchased from Couzens, a popular bakery here in Welwyn Garden City.

Our Donut Wall was created by our very talented Operative Assistant, Mick. It’s safe to say that we are all very grateful for his handiwork and he ensured we most definitely did not have a Blue Monday here at Chapman Ventilation!




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