We do fabrication. And we do it well.

Laser Cutting

Our manufacturing teams are highly skilled in the use of CO2 laser cutting machinery. This provides an incredibly accurate cutting solution, meaning metal components fit together with the highest precision.

How does it work?

The laser cutting process is highly advanced. The laser creates a highly focused beam of light which is channeled on to the metal and has sufficient power to melt it. This allows for highly precise cutting; the first step in any fabrication process. All Chapman Ventilation canopies and ductwork are manufactured using the laser cutter so our operatives are highly experienced in this area.

As well as providing a superior cutting solution, our laser machinery can also be used for bespoke engraving and detailing. This allows us to add a personalised element to your final product, whether it be a logo, detailing or another creative design. Examples of laser-etched design can be seen in our gallery – take a look!

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