Bill’s 2020 refresh

David Campbell, the Executive Chairman of Bill’s, has told the MCA that Bill’s is moving to the next stage of its 2020 refresh.

Bill’s, founded by Bill Collinson, 2020 refresh focuses on the design, menu, service and marketing of the group – with the aim to recapture the original vision for the brand, whilst strengthening its evening offer. To date the group have refurbished 13 of its sites with another 10 to 12 sites scheduled for completion by summer 2019, the remaining of the Bill’s estate will follow the same pattern and be refurbished within the next 12 months.

David Campbell, the Executive Chairman of Bill, said: “A lot of it is back to basics. Bill’s has a great story and we’re in the very fortunate position of still having Bill Collinson involved in the business. All I did was get him out on the road and speaking to people in the restaurant again. Somehow, he had become a bit hidden and I wanted him to be front and centre again.”

Article via: MCA