Jamie Oliver’s apprenticeship programme set to go nationwide.

Jamie Oliver’s flagship apprenticeship scheme is set to go nationwide with its incorporation into the Jamie’s Italian restaurant chain. There’s currently twelve apprenticeships in place with the hope of housing a minimum of one or two apprenticeships in each restaurant within the next couple of years. The group currently operates over 40 sites worldwide, so if it does offer one apprenticeship programme per site that will be more than double than what Jamie’s Italian is currently doing at Fifteen restaurant in London. Chief executive of the Jamie Oliver Foundation Gail Gallie said: “After 13 years of running Jamie Oliver’s flagship apprenticeship scheme through his Fifteen restaurant in London, we have taken the decision to spread the team much wider. We are going to run the scheme with the Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group and Jamie’s Italian, which will allow us to take the scheme nationwide in time and to recruit far more chefs into the industry which what Jamie always wanted.”

Article MCA Report.