Gone in 68 seconds

Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) saw more than 10,000 downloads of its Flypay app in just three days. Downloads increased by 225% in just a week and was trending on App Store following the launch of its nationwide Gourmet Birthday Kitchen promotion to celebrate the brand’s 15th birthday. Between Tuesday 1st March and Thursday 3rd March, GBK gave away 500 cheeseburgers each day. The burger giveaway was internally known as ‘Gone in 68 seconds’ due to the speed that the 1,500 burgers were claimed. Over the promotional period 31,000 people visited the website and on the final day of the promotion, redemption soared to 500 burgers in just six seconds. GBK senior brand manager Zoe Bloor said: “The ‘Glad I clicked’ campaign with Flypay was a huge success and this year’s ‘Gone in 68 seconds’ smashed all records. FlyPay’s smart technology has made this initiative possible enabling us to reach thousands of new customers, whilst also having the opportunity to reward our existing ones as part of our birthday celebrations.”

Article via the MCA.