Chapman Ventilation, one of the UK’s leading HVAC contractors specifically for the restaurant industry, has partnered with leading specialists to provide an effective solution to COVID-19 and boost customer confidence.

Working as the UK’s exclusive distributor of industry leading active air cleaning products, we are supplying and installing the best internal cleaning tech on the worldwide market.

Offering products that are 99+% effective in neutralising viruses these are an obvious choice for those wishing to re-open their doors in the safest way possible.

“Demonstrably clean air is going to be a fundamental requirement for all hospitality environments,” said Anthony Chapman Managing Director at Chapman Ventilation.

“The next biggest challenge that the industry is going to face will be consumer confidence. While the government is working hard to re-open the hospitality industry, it’s vital that hoteliers, landlords and owners do everything they can in their power to ensure the safety and protection of their guests against Coronavirus and other deadly viruses.”

Adding his final thoughts, Anthony says; “Now really is the time for the hospitality industry to invest in the technology that will protect customers, clients, staff and suppliers who visit their establishment.

The action taken now will greatly impact our future and the future of hospitality as a whole. If we want to protect long standing and well-loved establishments from closing their doors, we must offer solutions to protect both business and customers in the short and long term future.”

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash