What you may not know about our ventilation maintenance team…

Our job doesn’t stop at installation.

We have a team of trained call handlers, engineers and project managers available 24 hours a day to help you manage your HVAC system effectively and support you should anything go wrong.

We look after HVAC systems in over 1000 restaurants across the UK, and after working out the best servicing agreement with you, we are available almost immediately to assist in any kind of system malfunction, and always on hand to help you understand effective maintenance.

Our professional care will save you time, hassle and money.

This is why well-known brands such as Nando’s, Five Guys and The Ivy Trust come to us.

Still wondering why you should take out ventilation maintenance with us?

Here’s why our regular HVAC checks are vital:

Ventilation maintenance


Dirty filters and worn parts reduce system performance, increasing running costs and carbon emissions which cause environmental and health issues.




Maintenance for HVAC Systems


Regular servicing and leak testing can help to minimise loss of refrigerant gases and to ensure compliance with F Gas legislation.



HVAC Maintenance



Simple and regular checks can prevent costly breakdowns, call-outs and environmental issues.





Statuary requirements and health & safety certification for compliance of equipment and systems.




To find out more, head over to our aftercare page. Alternatively, please contact us on 44