Food trends of 2016

It’s the third week of 2016 and I’ve come across multiple food articles predicting what the food trends would for this year. Based on that, here is what I think will be trending this year:

Upscale fast food.

The UK has a strong love affair with more upscale fast food – and there’s two dominant foods in the affair and that’s burgers and burritos. Over the last couple of years the burger scene has changed dramatically with the likes of US burger giant Five Guys entering the UK market and proper hamburger place Byron expanding across the UK serving premium burgers with high quality ingredients. There’s been a real burrito boom too. Taco and burrito restaurant group Tortilla have opened a string of sites across the UK serving made-to-order Mexican food which makes it even easier to get your burrito fix.

Brazilian boom.

Brazilian food is also expected to grow in prominence this year thanks to the increased interested from of the world’s top chefs and the forthcoming Olympic Games in Rio. Brands such as Brazilian BBQ restaurant Cabana may be joined by pubs in making the most of the media spotlight being turned on the South American country.

Going international.

Over the last couple of years we have had a lot of US based companies open up here in the UK. But this year I think the tables are going to turn. We’re just weeks into 2016 and Hawksmoor, the premium steakhouse restaurant, has announced it will open the flagship restaurant in the World Trade Centre in New York at the end of 2017. It will be interesting to see what other restaurant operators travel across the pond to the US. If you ever need CVL to install a HVAC system wherever in the world it may be, we’ll happily be there!

Pretty picture purposes.

Restaurant and bar operators are finding ways in which its dishes are good enough to tweet. Excuse my pun. The rise of food-centric media not only for nutrition purpose but to show the creativity of restaurants and its dishes means that restaurateurs have to be innovative when showing off their culinary achievements. I know I’m snappy happy when it comes to innovative cocktails and dishes, my personal favourite are the sharing cocktails at Drake and Morgan, Kings Cross – especially the Coal Drops Tonic, oh and The Kindness of Death or maybe it’s the Last Train Home. Oh sod it, I like them all.