Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) 2018

Here at Chapman Ventilation, our aim is to be ecologically friendly as possible. The SRA is a not-for-profit organisation helping restaurants become more sustainable. The SRA also identifies those who are doing the right thing in the restaurant world. We are proud to say that Chapman Ventilation is the one and only HVAC contractor to be recognised on the SRA’s supplier’s directory for many years now.  Being the first on the directory is a privilege, but it’s because we are committed to sourcing the most innovative, efficient and environmentally products on the market today. Not only that, we treat each individual customer differently, as we tailor our products to meet their needs as well as reducing energy consumption, service costs and waste.

Research from the Energy Efficiency Financing (EEF) scheme suggests that the UK hospitality industry is overspending on energy by an incredible £180m per year. Inefficient technology, equipment and controls are being blamed for the energy bill overspend, and businesses are being urged to consider financing options to fund investment into energy-efficient equipment. Heating, cooling and ventilation have been identified as key areas for potential energy savings, highlighting an issue that we’ve long been passionate about: reducing waste and inefficiency within the restaurant HVAC domain. It’s easy to forget about your ventilation systems when they’re stashed away in a plant room somewhere, but having the right systems installed by the right people and ensuring that they are correctly maintained can save you a heck of a lot of money. A truly efficient system will not only extend service intervals but will maintain an extremely high level of operational efficiency both in terms of system effectiveness and energy usage.  It should also provide a method of monitoring, analysing and regulating this energy use.

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