What are the benefits of a Kitchen Electrostatic Precipitator?

Chapman Ventilation’s Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) uses minimum space to create maximum efficiency and is the most sustainable way of removing grease and smoke from kitchen emissions.

All sounds good so far.. but what are the rest of the key benefits for purchasing our ESP system for your restaurant?

  • Our ESP provides the highest level of efficiency available to date
  • The ESP is an incredibly low maintenance option for your kitchen filtration needs
  • When you purchase an ESP with us, we will also provide you with a dedicated representative who is on hand to guide you through the details of this maintenance process, and also readily available to answer any questions you may have.
  • Our process is designed to help your business run smoothly, so that the time spent with the filtration system turned off is minimised and time with a fully functional ESP maximised.

How does the Chapman Ventilation ESP system work?

The first stage of electrostatic precipitation negatively charges grease and smoke particles in the air stream using central cathode needles. This causes the charged particles to migrate towards the surrounding cylindrical anode collection tubes, where they settle and form a film.

Our ESP system generates ozone to react with the oxidisable odours and in addition the high voltage electrostatic field works to break down the covalent bonds on the odour molecules. This dual action significantly reduces the overall odour at discharge; in fact our Electrostatic Precipitator is up to 95% effective at removing grease, smoke, and odour particles. We continuously work towards improving all our products to ensure they are the most effective and efficient pieces of equipment on the market.


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