It’s Pancake Day!

Who doesn’t love Pancake Day? It gives us the perfect excuse to indulge in delicious pancakes with our favourite toppings without feeling too guilty.

So what, is Pancake Day about? Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday as it is otherwise known, is the traditional feast before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday. Lent lasts for 40 days leading up to Easter and is a time for fasting and sacrifice. For many people common items to give up for lent include eggs and fats, so Shrove Tuesday gives people a way to use of using up all the ingredients in their cupboard.

Pancakes have a very long history and feature in cook books that date back as far as 1439. Did you know that the ingredients used to make pancakes are not just random, they symbolise four points of significance at Easter and spring. eggs signify creation, flour is the staff of life, salt represents wholesomeness and milk symbolises purity.

Now that we know the history of pancakes and why we celebrate Shrove Tuesday, here’s how to make them:

The ingredients you will need:
• 100g plain flour
• 2 eggs
• 300ml milk
• Oil for cooking

How to make pancakes:
• Place 100g plain flour and 300ml milk into a large mixing bowl
• Crack 2 eggs into the mixing bowl along with a pinch of salt
• Using a whisk (an electric whisk will be quicker than a hand whisk) and whisk all the ingredients together until you achieve a smooth and fluffy batter consistency
• Place a frying pan over a medium heat and add the oil to the pan
• Once the oil is hot, spoon the mixture into the frying pan and cook the pancakes on both sides until they are golden brown
• Add your favourite toppings and enjoy

Toppings – everyone has their favourites, mine is Nutella and banana, but if you’re stuck for ideas here’s some sweet and savoury options that may tickle your fancy:
• Sugar and lemon juice
• Nutella, banana and peanuts
• Goats cheese and rosemary
• Ice cream and sprinkles

But if you’re anything like me and cooking just isn’t your thing… leave the mess and hard work to others and head out for some pancakes. Below are some restaurants in London, that will be serving pancakes on Tuesday 5th March for Pancake Day:
• The Breakfast Club – Battersea, London Bridge, Soho, Canary Wharf, Spitalfields and Hackney Wicks
• Where the Pancakes are – Southwark
• The Book Club – Shoreditch
• Drunch – Mayfair
• The Wolseley – Piccadilly
• Bad Egg – Moorgate
• Coppa Club – Aldgate
• Sunday – Barnsbury

Happy Pancake Day!