CVL Round-Up 2018

Where did last year go? A statement that I heard almost every day as we reached the end of 2018. But reflecting back on the year, we’ve had a really good one. Normally gratitude comes at the end, but everything we’ve achieved this year – from our various fundraising activities to opening offices in Germany and Spain – could not have been possible without the help of our staff, customers and suppliers, so it’s just right to put it out there first. Here’s a few highlights of the year:



Clients such as Five Guys, The Ivy and Nando’s aggressively expanded across the UK in 2018, and we have also had the pleasure of working with restaurant groups such as Dishoom and Franco Manca. It has been a delight to be able to continue to have a strong relationship with longstanding clients, but we are also looking forward to having some exciting new sites coming up in 2019, and can’t wait to be a part of new restaurant ventures entering the UK and further into EU market too.



This year we’ve supported three charities: Sepsis UK, The Motor Neurone Disease Association and Isabel Hospice. Throughout the year we held various fundraising activities such as a string of successful bake sales and monthly raffles as well as various physically challenging events. Here’s how much money we’ve raised in 2018:



Staff days

Here at CVL it can get a bit stressful as we’re in a very reactive industry. But staff relationship building is something that is very important to us, that’s why we dedicate days just to go out and let our hair down and have a good time. My personal favourite is our bowling night out. It’s great to have a bit of healthy competition between all teams followed by food and booze.



Being in the restaurant industry I think it’s safe to say that we have a love for food here at Chapman’s! Didster’s Diner – our first on site canteen which opened in 2016 – has been serving breakfast and lunch for all of our staff ever since then. The last Friday of every month we also hold an afternoon tea to get everyone from around the business together to take a break from the working day, which is a great way to catch up with the different teams and reflect on the past month.



Very much looking forward to seeing what 2019 has in store!