Is your air conditioning system summer ready?

Before you know it, summer will be here in full swing – high temperatures and sunny skies! After the long winter season, you may feel ready for the summer heat, but is your AC unit prepared to keep you cool? It is important to ensure that your AC system is prepped for summer, here are some quick checks you can do to avoid costly mistakes:

Air conditioning:

  • Set mode to ‘Cool’ or ‘Auto’. The system will not cool in heating mode
  • Ensure that the temperature is  set no lower than 20’C
  • Keep doors and windows closed. If you do need to open them, switch off the AC system…you can’t cool the street!
  • Clean the filters, this is the most common issue of an air conditioning system not working
  • Check that no grilles are blocked. If they are, you will not have any air flow
  • If you have any water leaks check the above, if its not due to this, switch off the system and call out an engineer. Once switch off the unit may leak water for a further 5 minutes but it will stop after this time.

Turn on the system and test it early, if the system has a fault its best to find it before you need it, so there is time to repair if required.